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Top 10 Most Mysterious Creatures

Published on January th, 2011

10. Springheeled Jack – Blackheath’s Bigfoot

Before Jack the Ripper terrorising Blackeheath, there was Spring Heeled Jack. Part bogeyman used to scare small children, part mysterious criminal. He was popularised in Penny Dreadfuls — cheap serialised booklets, where he was depicted almost as a comic book anti-hero.

9. The Loveland Lizard
In 1972, a police officer was driving at night along Riverside Road, when he saw what looked like a dog on the icy road. He pulled over, and shone his headlights on it. It suddenly stood up, jumped over the guardrail, and fled down the embankment into the Miami River. The officer described the creature as being 3 or 4 feet tall, with leathery skin, and a frog or lizard-like face. He returned to the police station and got another officer to go back with him to check out the spot later that night, where they saw scrape marks on the hill going down to the river.

8. The Dover Demon

Dover, Massachusetts was the location of the sighting of a bizarre creature for a few days beginning on April 21, 1977. Although the creature, which became known as “the Dover Demon,” was only seen by a few people in this short period of time, it is considered one of the most mysterious creatures of modern time.

7. Elves and Fairies
There aren’t many people who take seriously the existence of elves and fairies in today’s society. Yet there are people who will swear on the heads of their grandchildren that they have seen them with their own eyes – just as plainly as others have seen ghosts, Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster.

6. Mothman
For about 13 months beginning in November, 1966, a series of bizarre sightings took place around the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Aside from a spate of UFO reports and claimed poltergeist activity, several witnesses came forward with descriptions of an astonishing creature that may have been the focal point of all the weird goings-on.

As detailed in John Keel’s classic book, The Mothman Prophecies, hundreds of witnesses allegedly saw a large, winged humanoid being.

5. The Jersey Devil
There is a terrifying creature, they say, that haunts the dense pine barrens of New Jersey, and its frightening appearance earned it the name of The Jersey Devil

4. Chupacabra

Even though some sightings date back to the 1970s, El Chupacabra – “the goat sucker” – is primarily a phenomenon of the 1990s, and its fame has largely been spread by the Internet. The sightings started in earnest in 1995 with reports coming out of Puerto Rico of a strange creature that was killing farmers’ livestock – chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits and, of course, goats – sometimes hundreds of animals in one evening.

3. Loch Ness Monster

Despite excellent expeditions with sophisticated electronic equipment, the lake monsters of the world continue to elude scientists.

2. Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Yeti
Most witnessed unknown creatures in the world.

1. Non-Criminal Black Person
Most probaly one of the “Urban Legends”.Yet spontaneous sightings by good witnesses, although rare, persist.



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